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The importance of a good vocabulary
Bar Harbor
Last night I had a dream that was a "kid detective" story, with a bunch of kids working to solve an old mystery. One of the kids was actually the ghost of a young girl, a murder victim. At the climax, the kids pulled down a false wall that concealed the girl's body, along with some treasure and other evidence. The ghost-girl happily flew over to see that it was, in fact, her body. She then pulled out her ghostly notebook in which she had been keeping track of clues and mysteries.

Ghost Girl: "Well! that's..." (disappointed face) "...*almost* everything. But we never did find out what the gargantuam was."
Live Girl: "I think you wrote that down wrong. "Gargantuan" has an "n" on the end. It's just an english word that means "very large", or "extreme".
Ghost Girl: (happily) "Oh! Then I *can* go!"

And the Ghost Girl happily fades away, since the mysteries are all solved. The live kids miss her a little, but are happy for her.
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That's really cool.
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The best thing I ever wrote came to me as a series of dreams. It was recommended for a Nebula.
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