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Magic 1400s-1950s
Bar Harbor
I finally got around to finishing the magic tome that Kes got me for Christmas last year. It's very much a Taschen book: Breezy text, *tons* of pictures, marvelous design. It's the sort of book that is best enjoyed in small chunks, which is a bit problematic, seeing as how it is physically HUGE, and requires non-trivial effort just to move it to a reading position.

I would also like to share one of my favorite images from the book, a 2-page spread of a poster advertising a mentalism act. Dozens of *cute* little demons have written their burning questions out on cards, with the hope that Miss Baldwin will answer them. Most of these question include such standard concerns as family, health, and money.


But my favorite part is the demon near the center, the only one depicted wearing a shirt, who shares this immortal question:



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A question for the ages, surely.

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