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Alexx health status update
Bar Harbor
Had my last PT appointment this morning. Arm is back up to about 95% of normal function; pain is way way down. The doctor, the therapist, and I all agree that I'm basically better, and don't need to see them again until/unless something else goes wrong. Sleep is back to what passes for normal for me (still need to do some more work there, but the chronic shoulder pain issue is dealt with). I'll need to keep up stretching exercises on my own to prevent recurrence, but that's ok.

In other health news, the diabetes is apparently in retreat. I was taking 2 Metformin a day, and now I usually only take 1, and my numbers stay fine. If I indulge in off-diet food to much, I spike back up for a day or so, and go back to taking 2 until it calms down again. But I *can* indulge in off-diet food, and not hinder my progress very much, which is great for my morale!

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I'm so happy to hear that the pain is better and the diabetes managed. I know how hard these things can be.
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Good to hear. As I mentioned to you in a phone message, I fell on some black ice and broke my right collarbone two weeks ago and am currently dealing with more pain than I've encountered in years, despite taking vicodin around the clock. Also, the fall dinged up my right shoulder which evidently has considerable arthritis and possibly some impingement. I'm getting some PT and visiting nurse care at home. It's not fun, but I hope that I may be able to resume driving this weekend. We shall see ....

Great news about the diabetes. I remember when I stopped being diabetic after losing 200 pounds ... weight is currently stable, A1C is golden, and I don't even think about my diet. Now I'm just wanting to be able to get some food other than by delivery (groceries, misc. chinese, or Papa Gino's).

When I do get back to driving, it would be nice to get together ... seems like it's been nearly forever since we last saw each other ... but I guess it was just Christmas dinner! -- Dad
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