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Higgins Armory to close
Bar Harbor
If you have not yet been, go SOON!


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It's an ugly sign of the times. I mourn.

Me, I'm suspicious. I tried to become involved with them four years ago and even served one term on their (so-called) "Board" (which turned out to be solely a paper honor and an excuse to be asked for lots of money--they never had meetings and never asked for our guidance or listened to our advice). At that time, there was a hushed-up mess about the Executive Director, and the one quoted in the article as "interim" has been "interim" or "acting" ever since.

"the museum was continually drawing down on an endowment of about $2.9 million. It really needed an endowment of $15 million, she said." So? By my calculations, that gives the Higgins 8 more years in its current home, even if they continue to "draw down" $350,000 a year. That's a long time.
And in this day of crowd-sourcing, that amount seems like NOTHING. People give that much money and more to totally unknown ventures. I wonder if the management even gave a thought to an emergency "Save the Higgins" campaign of this sort before making this arrangement final.

What happens to the $2.9 million, we wonders, we wonders?

The Worcester Art Museum has a huge endowment already--and few visitors. It's constantly on the list of "unknown treasures." And schools do NOT send kids there on field trips. I doubt if seeing a few helms in cases is going to change that status.

Edited at 2013-03-08 04:03 pm (UTC)

Forgot to say that in the past three years, the Higgins took on a huge renovation of the galleries, reopening only about a year ago. If they knew that "the end is near," why did they go ahead with the renovations? Something's not right.

Those are really interesting questions. I wonder if there's an investigative reporter in Worchester who feels like doing some digging?

The Boston Globe did answer the endowment question: It goes to the WAM. The article did note that WAM is not sayin' how much it will cost to renovate their library to house the Higgins exhibits.

I wish someone would take this on: I was disturbed at the goings-on four years ago, and nobody investigated it then.

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