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Facts getting in the way of a perfectly good rant
Bar Harbor
In conversation, it came up that one of my big, if nerdy, problems with Babylon 5 was the presence of a ship named Icarus. "Who would *ever* name a ship that?!"

Apparently, several Brits would. Even more amazingly, the name has been used for a variety of aircraft.

Well, I guess I can preserve the rant, only now it's no longer a B5-specific-rant, but a more general people-are-stupid rant.

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The Greek Air Force Academy is named after Icarus, too.

I think the name is invoked not to encourage emulation, but rather to serve as a cautionary tale. Icarus was admonished not to fly either too high, or too low, lest the sun or the sea damage his wings. His instructions were to take a moderate approach between two perils. Perhaps that is what those naming things after him wish to encourage?

I think that the fact that Brits named vessels after Icarus, far from injuring your rant, provides the exception that proves the rule. Consider: the Northwest passage, the North Pole, all those insane British mountain climbers, and the ever-popular Charge of the Light Brigade--Brits seem to have a rather foolhardy fondness for spitting in Death's eye.

Ah, I like this argument. The reason the Brits name craft "Icarus" is realism.

Given the number of those that referred to German hangliders, I decided that they, at least, chose 'Icarus' because 'Shadenfreude' was a little too direct.

Yes, well, it is kind of like naming a pet "Loki", isn't it? And that happens all the time!

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