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General Alexx Update
Bar Harbor
Shoulder issues are improving under physical therapy. Glacially slowly and irregularly, but the trend is pretty clear. I'm sometimes having good nights of sleep again, which is a relief. Still not *well*, but getting towards it.

Had a good-in-an-odd-way night on Friday and into Saturday. Was awake in the middl of the night for non-shoulder-related reasons, and went to get my computer downloading a game I was interested in. While that was going, I figured, I'd fire up another game for 10 minutes or so, then try going back to bed. I didn't get back to bed, but I did manage to break for lunch...

The current addiction is Torchlight 2. I loved T1, and picked up 2 when it came out several months ago, but that was The Week All The Good Games Came Out At Once, so I only played a wee bit of T2, and not enough to get into it. It starts fairly slowly, but keeps doling out new gameplay systems, loot types, and general coolness that it gets amazingly good by Act 2. Highly recommended to anyone who likes Diablo-style gameplay.

Circling 'round to health issues, after a day of extreme over-indulgence in mouse-clicking, my right arm hurt... a little. About as much as I would have expected before the serious shoulder issues started happening. Though that turned out to be a local maximum, and not an "I'm cured!" watershed.

Really, one of the biggest ongoing frustrations with these problems is the complete disconnect between what I do and what results I get. The amount I exercise and the amount of work/game stress I put on my arms both vary significantly day to day. So does the amount of pain I feel. But there doesn't seem to be any obvious correlation between these variances. The pattern-matching part of my brain takes offense.