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Dream Snippet: Finder
Bar Harbor
Had a lengthy and complicated dream sorta-based on Finder last night. Most of it was lost on waking, but I remembered bits of the setting that seemed interesting enough to write down and share.

It was set in a city on the west coast. NOT one of the domed cities. This city was placed upon a large ceramic disk that was, in turn, atop a large tower. The tower was inhabited by (and probably built by) giant ants. Those who lived at the edge of the city were engaged in perpetual warfare with the ants. The city drew most of their power and heat from the ant-mound, but the ants would mindlessly attack the edges of the city.

The inner regions were largely unaffected by this warfare -- the tone of the overall story was light British comedy. No one now remembered whether the city was parasitizing a natural insect mound, or whether the ants had been genetically engineered to create the conditions for a city -- and control over their aggression had broken down. It was just part of life that if you were poor enough, you had to fight ants at the city's edge.
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Wow, the Tetris tower on top of our dishwasher has a mythos...

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