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Best Speedrun EVER
Bar Harbor
Pointless, yet Awesome department:

Seen in Game Developer Magazine: Pokemon Yellow Total Control Hack. Someone discovered a stack overflow vulnerability in a Pokemon game that lets you insert (almost) arbitrary code by rearranging items in your inventory. After about 11 minutes of bizarre inventory manipulation, he's taken over the code enough that the normal game essentially enters the Matrix. The 'game' then can accept high-speed programming input from the buttons, and around the 12:30 mark, turns into a MIDI player performing the theme song from My Little Pony.

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WOW. That's... just... awesome!

I'm reminded of this, which is the most excellently-executed sequence break I've ever seen:

Do you watch Community? There's an episode of the show in which the characters "go into" an 8-bit video game and end up hacking it from the inside. It's wonderfully funny.

watchable free at:

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