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Bar Harbor
I've been reading a biography of Orson Welles, and, as sometimes happens when I read about a particularly interesting person, I am inspired to partially describe them in terms of a new GURPS trait. In this case, the following Disadvantage.

Spendthrift (-10 points)

You have a strong tendency to spend beyond your means, and have perpetually bad cash flow. This is treated as a combination of Enemies (creditors) and Reputation (Investors only; bad loan risk). Like other kinds of Enemies, the cost can be modified by frequency of appearance. Regardless of what frequency you choose, any time you become publically know to gain significant wealth, any nearby Creditors will automatically appear. Hence, people with this Disadvantage frequently move away from their Creditors. Spendthrifts also may engage in stealth while traveling to regions with known Creditors.

Note that Spendthrift is completely independent of Wealth level. You can still (indeed, are expected to) continue to maintain a standard of living commensurate with your current Wealth. Your Reputation does not prevent you from getting credit from hotels, tailors, etc, so a lack of ready cash is only a minor impediment to you. Also, the Reputation aspect is not a total bar to getting new loans from Investors, just a difficulty. A Spendthrift with high Charisma or social skills may overcome the negative modifiers. You can gain or lose Wealth levels while being a Spendthrift; this just changes the scope of Creditors who consider it worth pursuing you.

Cost can also be modified by consequences. Basic cost assumes that successful 'attacks' by Creditors will result in confiscation of money, or garnishing of future income. This may be extended to relatively small punishments (say, a public flogging) or additional fines. If there is serious risk of major injury, death, or imprisonment from Creditors, then double the cost.

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Totally off-topic, but I was just thinking of how much I love you, especially but not restricted to your aspect as my childhood coach, so I wanted to mention that.
Also, I need to catch up on the Orson book; I think I will go do that now.

I would think that Spendthrift would be a variation of Charitable (-15). The effects are similar, in that you're always throwing away money that should be kept for more important things. Charitable means you really just give your money away on a regular basis (but you may make friends in doing so) whereas spendthrift has you regularly buying silly things which you get to keep (though creditors chase you and bars refuse to give you a tab). I would think they're comparable.

I had a character that was built partly around the charitable disad. He was a carnival performer who would always blow his money buying rounds for everyone else after each show, never realizing that that was why he was always broke.

I thought there was such a disadvantage?

*grabs 3rd ed book coincidentally in arm's reach*

pg 240, Compulsive Behavior: Spendthrift (-5, -10, -15). Very much as you say, with a combination of reputation, cost of living adjustments, and penalties to Merchant/Will saves vs


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