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Zombie Labor Law
Bar Harbor
Dream snippet:
"Elizabeth Warren is clearly courting dockworkers in the new Labor bill she just introduced, which would outlaw the growing use of zombies summoned from the ocean floor as dock-side laborers. The ban applies only to business use, use of zombies as personal assistants would still be permitted. Nor are dockworkers the only group getting such protection: while the bill specifically allows the general use of "holiday-themed zombies", it prohibits the specific use of "zombie Santas".

[Some days I just love my subconscious.]

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I love your subconscious too.

Are they the zombies of drowned sailors, or are they merzombies?

The former. Mer-zombies aren't so good at typical dockworker jobs, what with the lack of legs. Salvage companies or underwater archeologists might use them, I suppose.

Full fathom five thy father USED to lie. . .
Hey--why don't you try a sketch of The Tempest AND Merzombies?

Sounds like the basis for a *great* Wolff and Byrd story...

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