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Esthshar Addenda
Bar Harbor
Further thoughts, on having read the whole corpus:

1. "[name] was certain that they would never be able to sleep after all that excitement, but they were awake [small number] of minutes after hitting the pillow." Is a phrase that shows up several times (though no more than once per book). Reading these while awake in the middle of the night icing my shoulder makes that extra-annoying.

2. Gosh, he sure likes a marriage as part of his happy ending. The books spend almost no time on "romance", per se, but if the protagonist is an adult male, odds are overwhelming that some awesome babe will show up in time to marry him at the end. This is especially notable early (publication-wise) in the series. In the first three books, the protagonist ends up marrying: A) A powerful immortal magician, B) A princess, C) one of *each*!

Of course, an awesome babe showed up in time to marry *me*, at a time when i didn't think my life contained any active romance plots, so in some ways, this is another aspect I can relate to :-)

3. On the other hand, the structure of the series allows him to revisit several of these marriages when the characters have supporting roles in later stories. None of them have remained unreasonably in "honeymoon" status. Most of the marriages are still intact and clearly good for the participants, but they do show signs of the stresses that come up in life, even after you've had Happily Ever After.

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but they do show signs of the stresses that come up in life, even after you've had Happily Ever After.

"you’re my husband, all the same, and I’m not going to let you run around with another woman, even if she is your wife!"

These are very nice books and are less cynical than even Pratchett, making them a good palate cleanser following something grimdark like GRRM. I wouldn't want to read several in row, but that's true of all authors; when I started my booklog I quickly made a rule to read two books by other authors between any consecutive books in a series. Because even if you're reading in publication order, the books are usually written assuming you waited a year between volumes, so repetitions and recaps aren't as noticeable. Curiously, I've never had this problem when archive bingeing a new webcomic, even ones with more than a thousand pages.

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