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The Wager
Bar Harbor
The Wager is a free (Windows-based) game I just discovered about exploring a Carribean-like setting. Randomized, replayable, good in small chunks. Reminiscent of Strange Adventure in Infinite Space, only (IMO) meatier. Recommended.

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Just tried it out. Fun, but the island exploration is a bit too simple (and the ship upgrades could use some documentation of their effects).

Meatier than SAIS, but not nearly as good as it's sequel, Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space, which is still one of my faves.

Did you play long enough to start running into some random events?

My big problems with both versions of IS was that I never felt I had enough time to accomplish much of anything before the game ended. Wager still doesn't give you enough time to uncover the whole map, but it gives enough time that I don't feel so rushed as I do in IS.

Yup, I encountered sea monsters, the Ghost Pirate Ship, and a couple of island events that I managed to have the right items for.

I think my problem was that the random events were just text based, while Weird Worlds had a much more dynamic experience.

Not to say that I didn't like The Wager, it's fun and has potential, just not an instant favorite.

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