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Rough start to the day
Bar Harbor
Last night, I tried some of Kestrell's OTC pain medication to see if it did anything useful for me. It wasn't until I'd been awake for several hours after 2 AM that it occurred to my foggy, sleep-deprived brain that maybe taking a pill where one of the active ingredients was Caffeine was a really Poor Choice.

This morning, at breakfast, I was at the sink filling a water glass, when it suddenly shattered in my hand. After spending a few minutes carefully disposing of shards, I noticed that one of my fingers was dripping blood. Not a serious wound, really, a band-aid for a day or two should be all I need. But it's not like I was replete with spare spoons to use on this...
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I'll be trying to beam extra vitamin K your way. I love you, FF.

I'm sorry you're in so much pain. Any chance that I'll see you at Arisia?

Nope. No spoons. Also, this seems like a bad year to expose myself to potential con crud.

Completely understandable. I'll miss you.

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