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Get Crazy movie party on New Year's EveEve
Bar Harbor
One of my all-time favorite (and unfairly obscure) films is the extremely silly Get Crazy, which is set in and around a New Year's Eve rock concert ushering in 1983. This year marks the 30th anniversary, and there are still people I know who haven't seen it, possibly including you. In order to help educate people about this overlooked gem, I'll be hosting a small party to watch it at Melville Keep, on New Year's EveEve (Sunday, 12/30). Doors open at 2, movie starts at 3.

Hope to see you there!
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That's circum-Boston, innit? Can't make it, alas.
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A fine New Year's (and Kitchencon) tradition. Wish I could be there.
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