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On Being a Morning Person
Bar Harbor
I've never been a Morning Person by inclination, but a combination of health and relationship issues have made me effectively become one in practice. It's definitely worth it, but it still leads to weird cognitive dissonance sometimes.

Sunday morning, I slept as long as I wanted. I had a leisurely breakfast. I played videogames for a while. Then kestrell reminded me that I had tentatively scheduled a shopping expedition to IKEA, and should inquire about borrowing a car for that. The car was available, so we headed out to IKEA, getting only slightly lost on the way. We started the shopping process, but a short way in, the showroom was roped off. I asked why. It turns out that the showroom doesn't fully open until 10 A.M., and it was only 9:40. But I've been up for *hours*, and done all this stuff! Surely it must be at *least* noon? Um, no. We were *home* before noon. And I had Ingolf the new computer chair assembled and installed in Kestrell's geekosphere by shortly after 1.


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Okay, now I feel as if there is once more balance in the universe: I've become less evil and you've become a morning person. Balance.

But I still miss the curmudgeon face! (It turns out that I am incapable of not putting an exclaim after "curmudgeon face.")

Welcome to the sunrise side. We have fresh baked scones.
How's the chair? I need ro replace my current one which is disolving with age.

Sadly, much of the reason I'm *on* the sunrise side is due to diabetes, and so am not supposed to indulge much in baked goods.

Kes is loving Ingolf so far. But chairs are deeply personal, and one should always test-drive them oneself.

I recently got myself a new computer chair from the Container Store in Natick. The "upholstery" consists of flat (and stretchy) bungee tapes and mine is the more expensive version with arms. It's quite comfortable though the casters on it move with remarkable ease and rapidity, sometimes propelling myself into a part of the room I wasn't expecting to visit!

Are you having converse issues with suddenly finding it's time for bed when it's still hours until midnight?

That definitely took some adjustment, but was not unexpected.


And then you're all like "Wow, time for bed. Wait, 5:30 pm? Seriously?"

Like my son, I too have become a morning person, typically waking up at 4:00 am (alarm clock, dialysis days) or 5:30 (other days including weekends). Last week I got tired watching TV and dozed off. I woke up, checked my watch, and realized it was approaching 2am. So I turned off the lights and TV and went to bed. I wondered if there had been a power failure while I was asleep, because the bedside alarm clock said it was 8:21. I got undressed, checked my watch again preparing to reset the alarm. It was, in fact, 8:23 now. When I woke up in the living room, I had misread my watch, reading the minute hand for hours and the hour hand for minutes. DOH!

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