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The mysterious kestrel-beast
Bar Harbor
Last night, I saw a kestrel in a dream. Neither the bird kind, nor the one I'm married to. You know how "raptor" is a word both for some types of bird, and also for some types of dinosaurs. Similarly, the word "kestrel" (in my dream) could apply either to birds, or to a not-quite-extinct non-flying beastie.

The kestrel-beast's body is similar to that of a tiger, though longer and leaner. Sort of the proportions of a ferret, but scaled up to tiger-size. It is a sort of tan/brown color. Its head is its most unusual feature, and masses almost as much as the rest of the body. It is tall, broad, and roughly heart-shaped. It reminds me of the old Looney Tunes monster with the heart-shaped body. The eyes are located near the top bumps of the head, and are fairly small. The kestrel-beast can rear up on its hind legs briefly, and see for a *long* way.

In the center of the head is its maw. I use that word instead of 'mouth' to try and emphasize its oddness. It doesn't have upper and lower jaws, but rather a round hole lined with teeth, something along the lines of a moray eel. Only six teeth, but quite big. 3 on top, one to either side, and a huge single tooth at the bottom. When the maw is fully closed, that tooth takes up about half the total area.

The kestrel-beast hunts in a manner similar to a trapdoor spider. It digs a shallow burrow to curl up in, then lays its head flat on the top to form a new 'ground' surface. When unsuspecting prey wanders by, chomp! Smaller prey is swallowed whole. Large prey usually gets immobilized by those teeth, while the body whips around and claws it to death (excepting the rare case of trying to chomp on something tough enough to fight back successfully).

Given its unusual shape, and its deadliness, it seems likely to me that it comes from Australia.

I have no idea why I dreamed of such a thing, but it came through in vivid detail, and I thought those details were interesting enough to share.

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If I believed in Freud, I think I would be a little upset.
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The question is how you feel about Jung. :)
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I can definitely read Jung without throwing the book against a wall, and he probably comes closest to my own thoughts on symbols and the psyche.

Are you implying that the kestrell-beast is Alexx's anima?
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I imply nothing. That's certainly a fascinating thought that hadn't occurred to me.
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I usually don't dream (or maybe don't remember them), but I had a vivid dream last night too:

I was watching the A-Team, and they had several new team members: three women, a big white shaggy dog, and a mustached guy who seemed to be Hannibal's old mentor (but the actor was about the same age). The plot involved a bunch of Japanese businessmen who were being attacked by someone, so mentor guy talks to them (accompanied by another team member disguised as the dog but also wearing a wig), and after they leave the businessmen make an Ominous Decision (because the Mexicans left them no choice), then the scene shifted to an old-fashioned sci-fi set (chrome control panels covered in blinking LEDs in a one-inch grid) and the Japanese act on their decision, Hannibal bursts in, disguised as Batman (Adam West version), beats them all up, then explains to Robin that what they were trying to do would happen in 12 hours, but he could stop it in 10, and it was clear to me that he made that speech mainly because he wanted the Japanese guys to hear it.

Then I'm eating breakfast with my parents who just received a form letter (handwritten on several sheets of lined paper, with photographs taped on) from a religious TV show apologizing for some sort of objectionable material that aired on the previous episode, and I told them how that show resulted in me dreaming about the A-Team and Batman, and then I woke up.
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That is amazingly detailed. Sounds almost like one of those odd heraldic beasts which bear scant resemblance to reality.
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