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Repurposing brain cells
Bar Harbor
Travel conversation with kestrell:

Kes: Who composed the lyrics for the music to the Wizard of Oz?

Me: E. Y. Harburg? That's what my brain just spit out, anyways. I *used* to be an expert on all things Oz, but I've re-purposed many of those brain cells since those days, so I'm not sure.*

Kes: What do you think those brain cells are full of now? (Not that brains actually work that way, of course...)

Me: ...probably Steven Brust.

Kes: What do you think you lost when you memorized my birthday?

Me: Huh.... Oh wait, it's obvious; I lost *my* birthday. Now, whenever anyone asks me "Date of birth?", it's *your* birthday that pops out of my hind-brain, and I need to concentrate hard to remember my own.

Kes: Wow! And it's on the Fourth of July, which you'd think would be pretty memorable.

Me: If it wasn't for *that*, I honestly think I wouldn't be able to remember it!

* Google shows me that my un-sourced memory was correct, even to spelling. Guess I haven't *fully* reclaimed those brain cells :)

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