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Readercon Result
Bar Harbor
Well, it looks like Readercon will survive after all, thank goodness.

[If you missed the crisis, you can get caught up here, if you want.]

The Readercon ConCom has released their official statement. I'm incredibly impressed. It says everything it had to say, clearly, and without mincing words. Fault is acknowledged, and specific steps are taken to make things right. Off hand, I can think of no way to improve it, which is a rare statement from someone as picky as me. One might, of course, wish that the faults hadn't happened in the first place, but given that they did, this seems to me the best possible response.

And they reached this result in less than a month, while having to get a large group of unpaid, overworked volunteers to agree on how to deal with such a troubling situation. Bravo!

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Bravo indeed.
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