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Update, part I
Bar Harbor
Well, the long weekend is over, and I'm suffering from a cold. Very low energy. I'm at work, but a massive synch from the long weekend is still going on, so I can't actually do any work.

It's June. There are strawberries. Yay! Was too tired/damp to pick them this morning though. Barbara picked a pint yesterday, though. Oh, yeah, Barbara's back as a house guest for a week. Guess Maine isn't *quite* as exciting after all.

Sunday was Prisoner Fest. Was fun. 2 people there had never seen any of it, and a third had never seen the ending. Much brain mangling :-) I hadn't planned any book-loaning, but rufinia ended up going home with several books anyway.

Speaking of which, a heads-up for loanees: Don't "bring me back" anything at dance practice this week. I won't be there, as I'll be escorting kestrell to another awards dinner at U Mass. Graduation party on Friday!

Spent much of the rest of the weekend playing Thief, but that's for another post.

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Ours are just beginning to make green fruit. One yesterday was almost half an inch long. Climate difference, or their trauma not being in-ground for a while.

Hrm. I need to find a free weekend in which to come and pick some strawberries. :)

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