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JoCo Concert
Bar Harbor
kestrell and I went to see Jonathan Coulton on Friday night. Overall a good time, though with some definite down sides.

Down side #1: The Paradise has remodeled since the last time we were there. They removed most of the old seating. Now, the only remaining seating options are benches at the back of the balcony. You cannot both sit and actually see the stage. Makes me reluctant to go back there again.

Down side #2: The opening act (NOT Paul & Storm) was an acoustic guitarist who was pretty awful. Whiny repetitive songs, with 'clever' musical structures that made them neither catchy nor dance-able. Also, in his 'banter' he seemed to neither understand nor be comfortable with either women or geeks. JoCo claimed to be a big fan of his, but I guess there's no accounting for taste.

Once JoCo actually came on, the energy in the hall ratcheted up a LOT. He's clearly enjoying having a band to do the rock star thing. For the opening number, JoCo was playing some odd sampling device which alternately produced 8-bit chiptune notes and sampled bits of Skullcrusher Mountain. Weird, but cool. Many classic songs, and a few from the new album, plus the new song he wrote for John Scalzi, "Redshirt". Kes and I had great fun singing along (or, occasionally, counter to) the music. We headed out during the start of the encore, so as to beat the rush home.
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Re #2: yeah, for all I'm finding Roderick's twitter account usually fun to follow, his music was not very accessible to me. (He was one of the cruise guests.) From what I know he's comfortable with geeks and women, but is just a weird dude who communicates oddly. But I know his crafted online persona better than whatever he says live.

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