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Strawberry metaphors
Bar Harbor
Keeping up with the garden is a lot of work. If I'm diligent and thorough, about half the fruit actually reaches ripeness. No amount of care can save more than that from fatal imperfections due to circumstances beyond my control. Fruit that looked perfect at first glance may reveal nasty chunks of rot when looked at more closely in a second pass. It's frustrating, but something you just have to live with.

Feels a lot like building game systems. Or probably any creative endeavor. People enjoy the sweetness, but they don't usually realize how much ended up in the compost heap.

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I like your metaphor. No one sees the false starts or discarded stories/paintings/widgets, but the final editions don't exist without them.

You can cut the rotten parts off of the berries and use the rest.

Application to the metaphor is left as an exercise for the reader.

Have you read Steven Brust's _Yendi_? It opens with a good metaphor about cutting out rotten bits.

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