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Strawberry report
Bar Harbor
About 90% of a quart today. Plenty of sun, so even more expected tomorrow.

My office has many more people than it did last year. I feel compelled to pick more than I used to. The smiles of joy people give me in return are addictive.

Of course, there's still about half the people at work who see me offer and say "I'm good." No, no you are not. If you are turning down fresh strawberries, you are at best, broken, if not actually evil! Yes, I have strong feelings about this :)

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So I have noticed, says the person who can hear the very loud sad face which happens when I try to turn down your male birdie offerings, even though I'm not hungry in the morning. I used to be evil, I used to be scarey, now I can't even withstand two seconds of the Alexx sad face. My reputation is in tatters, and it is all your fault.

For a long time I couldn't eat strawberries, because they were too acidic for my teeth. Maybe this could conceivably be true of some of your co-workers? Now my teeth are all fake so I can eat all kinds of fruit again. Yay! (sort of!)

Yeah, some of them can't enjoy strawberries for health reasons, which is part of what I mean by 'broken'.

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