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Strawberry report
Bar Harbor
Was confused about my units the other day. 19 strawberries is more like half a pint than a pint.

Sunday, I got a bit under a full pint, and stopped actually counting numbers.

Sunday afternoon, ordered Chinese takeout. The delivery guy has been coming to our house for years now, and was very happy that "the straws" were back, and helped himself to a little extra tip. Sunday evening, housemates picked about a half pint for baking with.

This morning, despite the various extra harvests on Sunday, got well over a pint.

I'm calling it. Strawberry season is now officially open! This is more than we can eat by ourselves, so come on by and harvest at your pleasure. It may take a few hours for new ones to ripen, but not long :-)

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Yay! I will probably come by soonish.

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