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Insulating against the birds
Bar Harbor
Busy, long day. Woken at dawn by noisy birds, as I have been for a week or so now. Spring definitely has downsides. Got annoyed enough to (try to) do something about it. Spent much of the morning moving furniture around, so that the window to my bedroom is not just blocked but really thoroughly blocked, by about 6 inches of paper in most places. I generally like to keep my shelves loosely packed, for easy access and insertion, but I'll sacrifice that to create a noise buffer. Hope it works...

Unexpectedly got access to the car in the afternoon, so filled it with (digitized) comic boxes to trade back to Outer Limits. Had a god conversation with Steve about the nature of the evolving market.

Also of note, picked the first 2 strawberries today. Sue, our gardener is complaining that the garden is six weeks ahead of schedule. I make it more like 1.5, but it still does seem likely to be a bumper year.

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Totally agree about the noisy birds. And not only at dawn, although that is when we working humans resent them the most; but I went out on the deck an hour ago to relax at the end of the day with a book and a drink, and the back yard was just too noisy for that kind of relaxation.

The birds are starting at 4:30 around here... just a touch of light in the sky. That's when I reach for the earplugs I leave next to the bed...

I was doing alright this Spring until the catbird returned. That thing is *creative*. (and loud)

Earplugs were deployed much earlier in this process. When you have birds chirping right next to your window, multiple layers of sonic protection are required.

so filled it with (digitized) comic boxes to trade back to Outer Limits.

(confused) You're digitizing your comics, then selling back the originals?

... and that was meant to be "boxes of (digitized) comic books", i.e. "boxes of comic books which I have digitized"?

I don't think I've ever heard of a comic box, let alone a digitized one... and I hate to think how many digitized ANYTHING it would take to fill up a car!

Actually, "comic box" is a pretty well-defined term: they make specialized boxes that are the size of a comic book and about a yard long. Heavy suckers when full, but well-designed for storing comics, and quite stackable...

To be technical, these were "half boxes". I converted over to them years ago when I concluded that it was hard enough to lift even that much volume of paper, and full comic boxes were for younger (or at least fitter) men than me.

Yeah, these days I tend to run a mix. My collection is *mostly* longboxes, but anything that is "active" (due to sorting or inventory) gets moved to shortboxes for the interim...

Essentially, yes. Or, as Hyperbole-and-a-Half might say it, DIGITIZE ALL THE THINGS! Trying to get to a state where I own my stuff, rather than my stuff owning me.

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