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Pictures of Kestrell
Bar Harbor
Been meaning to post these for a while; just now getting around to it. Last weekend, kestrell and I went to see Avenue Q at the Lyric Stage. It's a great show, highly recommended. There are two characters who you might not be familiar with from the soundtrack, as they don't have any songs of their own: The Bad Idea Fairies. In appearance, they are teddy bears with high, squeaky voices; their character is that of the 'friends' who tempt you into doing incredibly stupid things. After the show, one of them (and her puppeteer) was posing with people for pictures, so I got a shot of them with Kes. Incidentally, Kes thought the puppeteer sounded a lot like former roommate/terror-twin, B :-)

On he way back, we remembered that Kes wanted a photo of herself in good sunlight, to show off her eye color, so here's that:

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