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Adventures in over-reaching IP law
Bar Harbor
Ludicrous IP claims seem like they've always been around.

I've been reading some DC Comics from the 1980s. One of them has an ad congratulating the winners of the 1985 Kirby Awards. Since DC put up the ad, they carefully marked all of "their" stuff with an asterisk leading to a footnote at the bottom "* indicates trademark of DC Comics (C) 1985". It's a minor quibble that they didn't acknowledge any of the non-DC trademarks mentioned in the award listing. The real howler is that these trademark claims include "Bissette & Totleben" and "Alan Moore". Back in those days, all three of them were still comparatively naive innocents, so probably only laughed if anyone pointed it out to them. But in hindsight, it's a typical indication of the kind of corporate thinking that came to hurt all of them so much.