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Christmas Diary
Bar Harbor
I'm not sure if that was the Best Christmas Ever, but it was damn good.

rickthefightguy and tamarinne were here, and we spent much of Christmas Eve Day gaming. I got to try out Fealty, which proved excellent. They gave me an early present of Battlestar Galactica: the Boardgame, which we also tried out and found good.

Christmas Eve proper, I finished up my annual reading of A Kes-mas Carol, and kestrell and I exchanged silly stuffed animals. I got her an large octopus like one she had admired at londo's housewarming. She got me a somewhat customized "Game Monkey", who has his own Guitar Hero controller, and a warm, fuzzy, not-so-secret heart :-)

Christmas morning was sort of topsy-turvy. For the past several years, I had slept in late, and came downstairs to find herooftheage all impatient for me to arrive, so the present-opening could start. This year, due to my changed schedule, *I* was the first one up, and herooftheage was one of the last (though not quite *the* last, to be fair.) I passed some time sorting presents into piles while I waited, which got me accused of having been "raised by wolves" later.

Present exchange was successful all around. Kes got me (among other things) a book called Magic 1400s-1950s, which in addition to being beautiful and grimoire-like, has the distinction of being the largest book I have ever owned, by a goodly margin. This is the sort of artifact that could not be effectively replaced by an ebook.

Speaking of replacing with ebooks... russkay got me a shiny new iPad! I've been hearing lots about people using it as a comoic-book reading platform, and had hopes that it would work that way for me. Reading comics on a computer monitor never quite worked for me, but I thought a small-ish portable device might. In fact, it works GREAT! The resolution and screen size are plenty good enough. The fact that it's active light rather than just reflected actually makes it *easier* for me to read. And when there are fiddly small details in the background that I want to check out, zooming in is trivial. So now I'm busy converting tons of aging newsprint into shiny electrons that can travel around with me. I'll still keep my *favorite* comics in physical form, for loaners, if nothing else. But It's been a long time since I was happy about the amount of space taken up by boxes full of comics that I only rarely even look at.

I had been planning to give tamarinne a copy of The Finder Library Volume 2 that I had lying around as a loaner. But then I saw a message on Carla Speed McNeil's web site that she was selling some copies personally and "if it’s a prezzie and you want it to look like it came from Jaeger, I’ll wrap it up ‘dragged this around the bush in a gunnysack’ gift style." Well that sounded too good to resist, so I did that, and the wrapping was at least as much of a hit as the present itself.

Christmas dinner was Scandinavian themed, and astoundingly good. Very nearly everything was something I found yummy, and could happily have eaten more of. There was lots of both quantity and variety, and it Just Kept Coming until we were all fed into submission. Of particular note was a rye bread Colleen made. I normally hate rye bread, but this was yummy!

Also astounding, is that despite giving myself permission to eat anything I wanted on Christmas, including several cookies, my blood sugar didn't get much above what's considered 'normal' range. There was a definite increase, but it barely qualified as a 'spike', and I was right back down in the low range by morning.

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I was just looking at it somewhat longingly as a gift for new_man. Do let me know what you think. So far, I've enjoyed every book by Jim Steinmeyer that I've read.

Hooray Finder. Hooray good rye bread. And hooray blood sugar behaving, especially!

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