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Bar Harbor
Spent way too much of today at the doctor's. Turns out I am diabetic. They are optimistic about treatment, however.

This process does involve the acquisition of a new piece of tech (though I cannot quite bring myself to call it a 'tech toy'). I have decided to refer to it as my Pocket Vampire. This small machine drinks some of my blood, then comments on how sweet it tastes. Currently, I'd have to classify it as "sickly", in more sense than one. Perhaps after a month or so of meds and diet changes, we can get it down to "cloying"...

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My dad had adult onset diabetes. It's amazing how much he was able to do in six months with just diet and exercise. He's been symptom free for 30 years. So, chin up?



On the plus side I bet you'll feel tons better once it's under control.

Are you going to give your Pocket Vampire a black velvet cape? Or is it more the sparkly type? ;)

It came with a black carrying case with a velvet-y inside. Portable coffin?

Oh goodness, I'm glad you caught that.

I have several friends who are diabetic. Diet and exercise and meds have helped many of them to the point where insulin is not currently required. And that's good. I hope yours can be brought under control similarly.

AS said. Best of luck with it!

I'm glad you caught it! And I second Fabrisse on the diet and exercise - a friend of mine was diagnosed about 6 months ago, and has managed to get off insulin by changing his habits.

Is it hereditary? Or isn't diabetes one of your dad's health issues?
And I, too, know many adults who have been able to control it, but we all know many fans who have suffered the dreadful complications attendant upon not controlling it, so there are plenty of examples not to follow as well.

Nope, dad missed this one. As far as I know, I have no family history of it.

(Deleted comment)
The nurse said I was 'probably' Type II. She could definitively rule out Gestational, though :-)

Yikes. Though it's good there is optimism regarding treatment.

I have the diabetes Damoclean sword hanging over me; there is a family history of it & recent blood tests indicate I have impaired fasting glucose. Am hoping my own lifestyle changes can avert it.

Fore-warned is four-armed and all that. Bummer that you have it, good that you know. Can i be of any help other tban feeding you balanced stuff when you visit?

Sympathy. And concern, but of a sympathetic kind. And appreciation of the name "Pocket Vampire."

I would be glad to talk, or to just listen. Diet and exercise saved me so it can be done, so I will wish goodthoughts for you.

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