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Anniversary Thoughts
Bar Harbor
As of tomorrow, kestrell and I will have been married for ten years.

I recently, while backing up some old files, came upon the photos from the wedding. It was quite a joyful day.

Since the wedding, the people who were there have undergone (at least) 3 deaths, 2 divorces, 4 marriages, and 4 births. The balance of change remains good. And our marriage, though changing in flavor somewhat over the years, remains most excellent.

Neither of us particularly memorized the vows. But we clearly chose them well, because we pretty much kept to them despite that:

I promise to be your lover, companion and friend,
Your ally in conflict,
Your greatest fan and your toughest adversary.
Your audience and your entertainment,
Your comrade in adventure,
Your student and your teacher,
Your consolation in disappointment
Your accomplice in mischief,
Your strength in your need and
Vulnerable to you in my own,
And most of all,
Your associate in the search for enlightenment.

I still think that asking Kes to marry me was the cleverest thing I ever did. And I still think every day how lucky I am. (Even if I don't make a pun horrible enough for Kes to say, "You are SO lucky I like you!" :-)

I'm writing this after she's gone to bed. By the time she sees it, it will be our anniversary.

Happy Anniversary, Kestrell! Let's have many more of them!
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Long may you be merry
Up there in the Aerie
(and pray that true times
may come from false rhymes)

Congratulations on ten years and some pretty good vows. *G*

I love you, Alexx with the fuzzy not-so-secret heart. I used to think I was the final girl in a horror film, but it turns out that I'm the fast-talking tough cookie in a romantic comedy. Here's to many more years of romantic comedy. And comics.

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