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Dreaming a fine book
Bar Harbor
I just woke up after reading (most of) an excellent book. It featured, as an important (but not viewpoint) character, a minor Trickster god. He began life as an apotheosis of Errol Flynn, literally stepping off of the silver screen during a Sabatini pirate epic. In recent years, with classic cinema going into decline, this particular avatar had grown old and decrepit. He now searched and schemed for something -- or someone -- to trade for a restoration to his former power and glory. In the novel's climax, he found such a person, who may have formerly been the President of the United States.

There was much more, but the Librarians of Dream are jealous, and do not let much of the works under their care escape. I remember that the protagonsit was a woman, and that by the end of the book, she was on her way to becoming a goddess-avatar herself, but all the details about her have faded back to shadow.

I remeber the book had a cover blurb by Neil Gaiman, but that he hadn't written it. I'm pretty sure it was by Mike Ford, though writing somewhat in the mode of Tim Powers. Nice to know he's still writing, out there in Ideaspace.

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Neat. Maybe if you go to sleep thinking about it, you'll bring more of the experience with you tomorrow morning. Can't hurt....

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