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Busy weekend!
Bar Harbor
Saturday, I escorted kestrell to a conference in downtown Boston. Did some errands to pass time while she was there. While wandering back towards the conference site, however, I passed a dark alley and was mugged by a lurking bookstore! Seriously, it was an alley full of carts and cases of books, with signs ranging from $1-$5. Turns out I was just outside the famed Brattle book store, of which I had heard much, but never actually gotten around to visiting. I spent half an hour browsing in the cold. My own impressive toby pile ("to be read") saved me from buying any books for myself, but I did pick up some as presents for kestrell and hungrytiger.

By the time we got back, however, I was feeling zonked from all that out-in-the-cold time, so I didn't end up going to the ball in the evening after all. Which is a shame, as it sounds like it was exactly the sort of event I really like. Ah well.

Today, however, I did make it out, despite the daunting weather reports, to ladysprite's gingerbread-house decorating party. It was much fun. Among the decorative elements available was a marvel that I had previously been unaware of: candy lego! How cool is that! Actually, it doesn't have much structural integrity, but if you use fluff for "mortar", you can build reasonably sturdy and technically edible structures. I ended up building chimneys for both of the houses.

The fluff was less useful as a general-purpose building "glue", because it turns out to flow, albeit very slowly. Being creative sorts, we tried to turn that to our advantage. It evolved into a very strange and creepy-looking house. keshwyn, in particular, created some very disturbing "icicles" dripping off the eaves of one wall, by applying heavy doses of fluff and food coloring.

Got home OK through the snow, though it was pretty scary at the Cambridge end. Luckily, by the time I got to Shawmut, the wind had let up, and the snow wasn't falling as heavily. Still rather a slog to get home, as much had fallen, and no one has shoveled any of it yet.

Delivered another three Pestle DVDs today. Hoping that demand for these picks up, and that I'm not left with ~25 copies or so just lying around. And being able to pay the rent would be a bonus...


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