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Two fast games to pre-order
Bar Harbor
Being a long-time gamer who now struggles with the responsibilities of adulthood, I'm always on the lookout for games which have strategic depth, but which can be played to completion in under an hour. Two such have recently come to my attention. Neither of them has technically been released yet, but both are available for pre-order and can be played in some form now if you do.

The first is a board game called Fealty, developed by some friends of friends. It's a territory-control game with a medieval theme. They are handling pre-orders through Kickstarter, and that page also has links to their page on Boardgame Geek, and a pdf of the rules, so you can check it out pretty thoroughly before buying. Once pre-ordered, you can download and print a 2-person version of the game, to tide you over until the full game gets printed up.

The second is a browser game called Desktop Dungeons. This is a clear descendant of rogue-likes like Nethack, but has managed the impressive feat of compressing a typical play session down to 15-30 minutes. Like potato chips, however, you'll want more than just one :-) I spent dozens of happy hours with the (free) alpha version of this game. The beta is now available for customers who have pre-ordered, and adds a lot of interesting stuff over the alpha, while still maintaining the elegance of the basic gameplay model.


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