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Dragaera Timeline 2.0
Bar Harbor
You may have noticed that I haven't been posting much these last few months. That's because all of my writing-energy has been going into a pet project, which has finally been completed (for the moment).

The Dragaera Timeline, version 2.0 has officially been released.

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Congratulations. I think. Or yay.

Some day I will read those books...and reference this, I'm sure.

Left brain: Oh, no, another timesink!

Right brain: Oboyoboyoboyoboyoboy!

Loiosh: Get off the gods-damned computer NOW, Boss, and get to bed!

You've lost your accent!

You have some o's turning into s's:

~185 PI

Laszls born ("When Miklss was five, it was time for Prince Laszls, then fifteen", BP 6; "You are thirty- three years old" in 218 PI, BP 25).

No, Loiosh, I'm just skimming VERY VERY quickly.

ETA: In fact, I'm seeing this everywhere there should be a diacritic:
*Miklós -> Miklss
*Bölk -> Bvlk
*László -> Laszls (the "á" just becomes "a"; also there's a typo under BP, day 1: p.22: "placed there by Laszko's distant forebear, King Gellirt I"

I'm viewing in UTF-8 encoding in Firefox 3.6.18 under WinXP + SP3.

And NOW to bed!

Edited at 2011-08-01 02:40 am (UTC)

Re: You've lost your accent!

Thanks. I'll try and find some better way to upload the file that doesn't munge those...

Looks impressive at a quick glance from someone who knows nothing about this universe. But I DO think that including your own name as compiler (or author) would be very appropriate. You do use the first person, but never indicate who that really is ...

Huh. Interesting oversight.

The new version of the timeline looks great, from what I've read so far. :)

I'm long, long overdue for an update of my own to The History of Things That Never Were, but I'll make sure to change your Dragaera link to this one when I do so.

I didn't actually change the link, just the contents :-)

Fair enough. :)

In that case, I'll at least change the write-up to draw attention to the fact that it's updated...

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