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Dream snippets from last night
Bar Harbor
1. "House of Leaves -- the Musical!"

2. Non-dream context first: I have been slightly creeped out by the way Google+'s list of suggested people includes at least one person who is dead. eradicated, so they are treated like any other contact. I hadn't yet talked to anyone about this, so it was sort of hanging around in the back of my head.

Dream: I was thinking about this while walking around outside. I happen to see a couple SCAdian friends talking together (doing some sort of ritual 'patrol' thing?). I decide to go up and chat to them about this whole 'echoes of dead friends' thing -- when I notice that one of them *is* my dead friend. This creeps me out big time, as I've never seen a ghost before. I decide that talking to her about my reaction to her death is probably inappropriate, though...

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FB gives me reminders of a few dead friends, whose accounts still persist; same with LJ (some of the same friends.) I don't feel it's creepy, but I do wonder if their next-of-kin have made a decision to leave the accounts active, or have forgotten about that account. "Ghost accounts" indeed.

As for seeing dead friends in dreams: if you happen to see another one, I encourage you to strike up a conversation. I do not believe in the continuance of the person after death, but feelings of mine for the person do continue. Talking with my father, in my dream, about his death was rather satisfying.

A friend showed up in my dreams for several months after his death. In one dream, he was with the same group of former co-workers who met periodically for lunch. He kept us company, but didn't eat, because he was dead, and everyone knew it. In a later dream, I hugged him good-bye, and he never showed up again. Either his ghost or my subconscious was satisfied with the formal parting, I guess.

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