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Slow health improvement
Bar Harbor
Last night, Meredith brought me home an alternative the neti pot. It's the same basic function, only in a squeeze bottle instead of a teapot-shaped form factor. This means that you can irrigate a) much faster and b) while keeping your head mostly upright. Still not what I'd call pleasant, but much less like actual torture. It does seem to be doing me good, as I feel almost human today.

Still feel behind on sleep. Spent a lot of this morning mentally cursing (physically was too much effort) at a bird (or possibly small animal?) who was making lots of noise directly above my head. Not sure if it was in the attic trying to get out, or outside trying to get in, but it was banging up a storm. Seems to have gone now, so will try to get some more sleep.

Thanks for the well wishes!
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After selling them and having patients sing their praises for some years now, I finally tried one (the squeeze-bottle version) over the winter and it did work very well to handle the effects of the annual winter dryness. Sort of a Schwarzenegger version of Ocean (Saline) Nasal Spray.

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