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Strawberry report
Bar Harbor
Saturday I was super-busy, so Tom harvested; don't know how much he got.
Sunday, early afternoon, just under a gallon. Colleen made pie :)
This morning, about 3/4 of a gallon. The birds are seriously pigging out. Soon, I won't have enough time to do a full harvest before work.

I'm out of town this weekend, so *please* come and pick!

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Where shall I come and pick them? For I would love to abscond with your strawberries. Email at gmail.com for this username will reach me....

I can come before the weekend, right? :)

Looks like I'll be by tomorrow. Because of course the best time to come is the hottest day so far this year!

...maybe I should come super early, like 7am. Then I can come home, put strawberries in the fridge, and go back to sleep. ;)

I'll come by! Probably Saturday morning.

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