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Miscellaneous New York Notes
Bar Harbor
The hotel had an amenity that I've never seen before: a small, stuffed King Kong on the pillow.

Our matinee of "Play Dead" wasn't until mid-afternoon, so we spent a few hours wandering around Greenwich Village, near the theater. Who knew Greenwich Village was so full of Italian eateries?

Rocco's Pastry Shop had a big banner outside claiming to be the home of the "World's Best Cannoli". Naturally, kestrell felt that a claim such as that had to be tested. While she remained unconvinced that it was actually the world's *best*, she did pronounce it "damn fine cannoli".

Also of interest was a quirky bookshop with the excessively lengthy moniker "Unoppressive Non-Imperialist Bargain Books. Their specialties appeared to be Art Books, Large Tomes, Graphic Novels, New Age Philosophy, and Every Book About Bob Dylan Ever. Well worth checking out.

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The King Kong--well, obviously they knew you two were coming! Other guests just get a stuffed cat or dog.
Greenwich Village and little Italian eateries and bakeries: how could you miss?
So glad to hear about a successful expedition, there and back again, and no rings involved, only cannoli

Re: "World's Best Cannoli"

We once ate at The Lighthouse Cafe in Sanibel, FL which boldly claims to serve the "World's Best Breakfast."

While we weren't sure about "world's best" as it's an awfully big world, we were mightily pleased with our breakfasts and couldn't easily think of a restaurant we'd been to that we'd immediately place above them. Maybe a specific dish here or there, but for "Overall Breakfast" we thought they were damn good.

Mind if I ask where you stayed? umbran and I are looking for a hotel that'd be convenient to both the train and the show, and if you have a recommendation that would be great....

We stayed at Affinia Manhattan. Kinda pricy, but nice large rooms and a convenient location. Unlike typical Boston hotels, there were lots of electrical outlets, so plugging in all my chargers was not an issue. Our room surprisingly had a full kitchenette attached, though I don't know if that was standard.

I found it by spending an hour or so doing online research after typing "hotels near" the address our bus came in on into Google Maps. In general, I have found travel to be greatly improved by the combination of Google Maps, the 'near' keyword, and a GPS-enabled phone.

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