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Sleep No More spoilers
Bar Harbor
Some scattered reminiscences of Sleep No More. Here be spoilers.

Sadly, my predictions of Kestrell's probable endurance for Sleep No More proved accurate, so I didn't get to see as much as I would have liked. But I am glad she got at least a taste of it, and I was glad to spend even a little more time inside the magic.

I got the impression that the total amount of space was bigger, but I could easily be wrong. Floors seemed generally to have fewer but larger rooms than the Boston version, and there seemed to be more floors. Not being inside a school actually made a big difference; none of the floors had a central corridor to orient by, making it seem even more labyrinthine. I got lost several times.

Speaking of labyrinths, there was a weird hedge maze in one room, that I don't recall from Boston. Dead trees; woven closely together. You could see through them, but had to walk around them. There was a stuffed goat in the center, and a mysterious raised shed off in one corner.

Another new space was a broken-walled garden outside of the Macbeths' bedroom. We saw Macbeth doing some dance there, as he readied himself to kill the king.

I found myself in The Banquet Scene at one point. They had a *very* potent sound system. It was even more hypnotic than usual with the music literally vibrating through you.

Unlike Boston, Hecate's herbarium was not sealed off, so I got to explore her impressively large collection of witchcraft paraphenalia. Sadly, I didn't manage to see Hecate herself this time around.

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What kind of building was it in? And did you think it worked better in a school with the corridor/orientation, or in this new building?

I think it had been an art gallery or performance-art space? Not sure.

I think the NYC space was more disorientating, due to not having any obvious structure. The narrower spaces made it harder for audience members to follow individual characters, and easier for those characters to lose pursuers when they wanted to.

Whether these changes are "better" is a matter I could argue either side of :-)

I think it had been an art gallery or performance-art space?

new_man says it was previous a nightclub (that he's been to).

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