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_Deep State_, by Walter Jon Williams
Bar Harbor
This is a followup to _This Is Not a Game_, with the same protagonist, Dagmar Shaw, ARG-designer extraordinaire. It's mostly set in a tumultuous Middle East nation, undergoing a revolution to throw off their oppressive government, so couldn't be more timely.

Like the earlier book, this would be hard to call SF, since all the tech in it is either currently-existing, or likely to within a year or so. So, more of a techno-thriller. Sadly (from my POV), it has progressed further away from SF than the first volume, especially in the final quarter of the book. In the late stages, the action becomes very much like a typical spy thriller. It's still an exciting story, well told, but the plot elements that (earlier) made this book stand out as unique (ARGs, competitive social engineering, using ancient networking tech to get around a shutdown of the internet) all fell by the wayside.

Even if the end is a bit disappointing, the ride up until then is well worth it. Recommended.