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Dream Snippet #1: Zombies and Smart Paint
Bar Harbor
(Had this one about a week ago, but been too sick to feel like posting.)

Dream protagonist is a young boy named Phil (and his sister, Sara). They live in the suburbs, but are visiting the big city to go to the library. A zombie apocalypse happens. Luckily, these are old-school slow shambling zombies, so our plucky heroes can not only escape, but have time to pick up some books that they feel will be useful.

The kids make it home, but mom doesn't believe them about the zombies. Mom sends them to their room (inside, upstairs). From his window, Phil looks down at mom, who is standing near the gate of their (literally) gated community.

Mom is also peeved because Phil sprayed the fence with a can of SmartPaint(TM) that he picked up in the city. SmartPaint is sort of like sprayable e-ink; it has a one-color display that can show images uploaded to it by nearby wireless devices. Phil apparently got his can from Target, because its default display is the Target logo. You can also manipulate the image by hand, sort of like a paint program. As Phil looks down, he sees his mom squinching the red pigment around, trying to understand this new technology.

On the other side of the gate, a zombie shambles forward. Phil is worried about his mom, but is also worried that she'll just yell at him some more if he cries out.

Suddenly, the SmartPaint shifts, forming bold red letters: "PHIL, GET SARA AND RUN". Phil (being a science-fiction reader) immediately intuits several things from this:
* SmartPaint has an undocumented (and possibly undiscovered until now) feature: it can receive messages sent through *time*, somehow.
* He probably sent this message to himself from the future.
* Mom is probably toast.
* He and Sara are guaranteed to survive, as long as he gets her and runs, NOW.

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My dreams don't feature any form of time travel often enough. :/

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