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Dream snippet - chocolate ears
Bar Harbor
According to a medieval manuscript I was researching in a dream last night, in olden times, St. Valentine's Day would be celebrated by an exchange of hand-sculpted chocolate ears. These were hollow, and would include small slips of paper on which a message was inscribed. Sometimes these would be quotations from popular love songs; other times they would be *ahem* rather cruder.

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That is so awesome. And rather Van Gogh.

And this explains why we always eat chocolate Easter bunnies beginning with the ears: they're chocolate ears, they must have a message inside.

I like it! Hmmm... First I'll need some of these...

So, Mark Antony wasn't looking for just the normal kind of attention from the crowd. Those wacky Romans!

There's that Ferengi ear-sex thing....

Too much time thinking about Godiva Chocolatiers.

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