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ARG aaaarrrrggghhh!
Bar Harbor
I apologize to anyone caught in last night's debacle for having promoted Gallow Green at them. I saw definite hints that the people running this game were enthusiastic, but unexperienced. Still, I had no idea they'd be *that* dumb.

It was, all things considered, not surprising that the event consisted of a single actor, in formal wear, acting strangely as we followed him (sometimes at speed) through a complex, dimly-lit space while he occasionally dropped odd little physical clues.

It *was* surprising, and extremely annoying, that this complex space was the *exterior* of the Old Lincoln School, in single-digit weather, and involved a lot of moving over unshoveled snow/ice mix. Painful, dangerous, and Not Worth It. (I pity the poor, hapless, *hat*-less actor.)

There were about a hundred people there, about half of them in masks and/or formal wear. How many of them caught the flu, I wonder?
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