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Sleep No More ARG
Bar Harbor
So, on the way home from work, I'm reading Walter Jon Williams' _Deep State_. It's a followup to his earlier (and excellent) _This Is Not A Game_. Both feature a protagonist who constructs Alternate Reality Games for a living. And I'm thinking to myself, "These ARG games are pretty cool, I should really get involved in one some time."

And when I log onto my computer that evening, I have a message waiting from mermaidlady, asking if I'm playing Gallow Green.

Sleep No More is playing in NYC soon, and they have put together an ARG to promote it. If you're in the Boston area, I recommend jumping in before the weekend is over. If I'm right, there will be something Cool happening near here early next week...

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I can tell you this much: ARGs are definitely on the radar screen for the telco companies. We (my unit, but also our competitors) have been building general-purpose blades for edge routers. A couple of years ago, the foreseeable applications were mostly encryption related, but now ARGs are something for which network operators think they need computing resources close to the cell tower.

It's a big jump from Halting State to having Verizon (i.e., the ultimate in corporate dinosaurs) wanting a road map for location-based massively-multiplayer games. I'm trying not to be disappointed that the early examples are likely to be things like soda-bottle cap sweepstakes...

[By the way, none of this is inside information.]

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