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All-Time Best Games
Bar Harbor
PC Gamer, in their March 2011 issue, has indulged in their periodic listmania, and declared the Top 100 Games of All Time. I worked on two of them :-)

34 BioShock
30 System Shock 2
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You've probably seen this already, but in case you haven't:

BioShock is also up for open to the public voting as one of the candidates for inclusion in the Smithsonian American Art Museums upcoming exhibit on the Art of Videogames.


PC Gamer, in their March 2011 issue... declared the Top 100 Games of All Time.

Here's a link for those of us living in a post-periodical world.

The ones I've played:
90. Ultima Underworld II (own as part of "The Ultimate RPG Archives", but haven't played yet)
82. Solitaire (the MS version)
81. Sim City 2000 (I think)
54. Star Control 2 (ranked way too low, IMO)
24. Ultima VII: The Black Gate (last game I ever paid full price for)
8. Planescape: Torment (last game I paid any money for)

5% is actually higher than I expected, given my refusal to spend money.

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