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For Siderea: Typo of the Week
Bar Harbor
"Therapists did fairly well in the Permian despite looking like something God created immediately after a two week bathtub gin and methamphetamine bender but then tragedy struck and the archosaurs enjoyed 160 million years of dominance"


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Wow, that's a great one!

It's easy to remember how to spell, just break it into two words, The Ropods...

No, it's not "therapod"--that's a kind of dinosaur. It's "therapsid", a type of warm-blooded reptile ancestral to dinosaurs and mammals.

Thank you for explaining this to me. I haven't been keeping up with my paleontology and had no idea. Now I have a new favorite mascot, yay!

And you can explain it as ancestor worship.

Oh! I spent all day trying to figure out what the Permian typo was supposed to be...

I like icecreamempress's comment:

This is my second-favorite Cupertino ever (my first favorite is the iPhone's insistence on autocompleting the letters "ana" as "anal", which is problematic both for people asking others if they are doing "anything" and for a young gentleman who wanted to tell his grandmother that he was doing to pick her up as soon as he'd had a snack, but who forgot the "s').

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