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Overly Long Words
Bar Harbor
There's a book that was on my Wish List for a while, and herooftheage got it for me for Christmas: _The Ethics of Computer Games_, by Miguel Sicart. I've been reading it snippets, as my 'book to read during meals if kestrell isn't around'. So, this morning, the first words which presented themselves to my eyes were:
The ludic hermeneutic circle operates as a layered interpretational moral process, which starts with the becoming of the player and goes through a series of interpretative stages that conclude in the development of the ludic phronesis.
The scary part is that I understood it... (Approximately: "Games, players, and game communities influence each other in ways that lead to players understanding how they should play the game.")

Tom asked me to let him know if the book was any good. Well, I feel I am getting some value out of it -- but man, it's a slog. I can't really recommend it, unless you happen to have that rare intersection of interests: games and academic philosophy.

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Jeez, that sounds way too much like the circular, inward-spiraling self-referential omphaloskeptic New Criticism stuff that Daughter was reading way too much of in college and grad school.

Come to think of it -- and I didn't notice your tag till now -- she has a Master's in Comparative Media Studies.

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