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Echo Bazaar
Bar Harbor
Those of you follow me on Facebook may have noticed some odd messages turning up lately. If you click on them, they lead to a rather fascinating little web game alled Echo Bazaar. While structurally similar to many clicky-grindy Facebook games, this one has at least a little bit of actual gameplay in it. But more to the point, it has a really interesting fiction. I could call it "Neverwhere fanfic", but it's got more originality than that implies. They are both stories about a mysterious London-under-London, with Dickensian flavor and weird mystic happenings, but The Neath has quite a bit to distinguish it from London Below. Recommended.

Also, they have an active forum for suggested improvements. If you do end up trying the game, please vote up my suggestion, Accessibility for the Blind. I think Kestrell would really enjoy this, if only she could play it...

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Voted up. I wondered about their accessibility issues, given the heavy AJAX use, etc.

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