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Angel's End
Bar Harbor
So, I saw the Series Finale of Angel last night...

Not the ending I was expecting, but, in hindsight, probably the best of all possible endings for this series. Very "Butch & Sundance". Or, as Kes put it, "It's The Battle in The Pass!" A happy ending would just have been out of character, but a heroically glorious/stupid death feels *right*. I really hope that they *don't* do any follow-up TV movies, as that could only dilute the strength of the ending.

It was wonderful to see Spike finally get some appreciation for his poetry. Lindsey was in fine form, right up to his last moments. Kinda sad about Lorne, but I don't think he was ever cut out to be A Champion; he was always much more comfortable back in his Host days, as a non-judgmental observer. Perhaps he will sing songs of our heroes' glorious deaths.

The fan-wanker in me wonders if Spike got to fulfill the Shanshu Prophecy. But then it occurs to me that the classic Joss way of handling that one would be to turn him human just as the ravening demon army descends upon them :-)


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