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Notary Public?
Bar Harbor
I'm filling out some legal documents, and need the services of a notary public. I know some of my close friends are notaries, but I need one who is not *quite* so close, as one of these documents is a will, and the notary can't be one of the beneficiaries. Anyone out there who's willing to stop by my house some weekend? Bribes of food and entertainment are available :)

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Notarizing a will is sort of a special case that notaries are warned to avoid if they can, because sometimes the notary gets dragged into court if there's any sort of contest. Lawyers who are also notaries work well, though.

How close are you with Vivian Abraham?

Don't think I know them.

[further response via email]

Where is "out there"? You want someone who is fairly close in the literal sense. Even if I were a notary, I wouldn't travel from Philly to (say) Dallas or Albany for this.

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Er, if you're the only signatory, you can find notaries at most banks, and a lot of pharmacies (especially independents like mine). But I get it if you have more complicated stuff like the will, or if there are multiple signatories that have to be assembled.

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