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Bar Harbor
My current videogame addiction. Also, the current big indie success story, as its creator has become quiet rich, quite fast due to its popularity. It's an open-world sandbox, and in a much more literal way than that term is usually applied. It's also like playing with a planet-sized lego set. I could go on at some length, but others already have, so I'll just include some links here:

Mine The Gap
Cave Time
Building a 16-bit computer inside of Minecraft
Bioshock Infinite's Columbia in Minecraft
How to make permanent fire in Minecraft

HIGHLY Recommended!

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Critique 1: I don't care how brilliant the design might be, if they want me to possibly spend money on a game, they need to tell me more than this -

"What it is:
Minecraft is a game about placing blocks while running from skeletons. Or something like that..
Here, watch this video of me testing rollercoasters in the game instead"

Marketing FAIL!

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